Beauty Is Not In The Face, Beauty Is A Light In The Heart…

Much difference exists between looking beautiful and feeling beautiful. The former refers to the visual elements, such as, your body shape, your skin and your hair while the latter refers to your inner beauty. Inner beauty is based on one’s personality traits, such as, action, attitudes and behavior. It’s our inner beauty which is reflected in our soul. It leads us towards positivity. If we feel good about ourselves, we can increase our self-confidence and lead ourselves towards total self-improvement. So, there is a need for increasing inner beauty.

Real beauty is not to be conformed to conventional beauty standards, but it’s to one’s inner self – Your inner self is the person you are inside. Real beauty is on the inside which is more important than one’s outward appearance. One looks good with external looks, but is known better in terms of internal features. It’s personality which is based on one’s emotional, intellectual and spiritual qualities. Inner beauty is something on which a person needs to pay attention, because, as he gets on with his life, all deeds and actions are drawn from that inner beauty. Hence, the need is to acknowledge and improve inner beauty to lead life successfully.

Conforming to so-called beauty standards is nothing more than leading oneself towards facing disappointments or discontents or displeasures, which creates negativity, hinders success and does not allow one to make one’s talent shine. It must also be noted that if we believe in such beauty standards, in other words, we are teaching ourselves to hate our bodies, set us apart from others leading a dissatisfying life, whereas it is important to believe that every person has talents and talents should be discovered, so that we can find them as strengths to live life satisfactorily.

Directing ourselves to consider the importance of inner beauty, we can discontinue forming thoughts of perfection. We begin to accept as we are while improving our inner qualities that are far better than facial attractiveness. Instead of giving preference to how we look with our skin colour, shape of our eyebrows, eyes, nose or lips, we need to focus our attention to improve our personality in terms of inner beauty – which is the real beauty – beauty of the heart that shines within us. It provides us perceptual experience and pleasure and satisfaction inspiring us to perform good deeds and actions.


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